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Daniel Thomas

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These are my achievements in the field of technology

Certified Game Developer

I am a certified game developer with more than 30 games on different platforms. This is my first achievement!

Certified Android and IOS app developer

I am a certified android and ios app developer. I have created many problem solving apps and have a google playstore membership.

An official Red-Hat coder

I am an official Red-Hat and I am just two hats away fom being a Master Coder and I cant wait to reach there.

These are my Top Projects

Top 1


This is one of my best works ever! I made this app called Helpable that helps the deaf and dumb using A.I, I am getting this app out on the playstore. For the deaf, it uses A.I to convert all the things that the deaf cant hear into a text form that can be read. And for the dumb, it has lets the dumb person type in whatever he wants to speak and healpable speaks it.


Top 2

My School Website

I created the website for my School using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SCSS. The website was loved by everyone. It even lets people communicate with the school via the website and it has an A.I chatbot thats answers anything and everything related to the school.


Top 3

Monkey Chunky

I created this mobile app called Monkey Chunky using react-native. It helps children who faces difficulty in reading by breaking down words into chunks and gives a pronounciation for each chunk.


Top 4


Thinkbot is an A.I assistant that I made. It can do specific tasks and answer questions.


Top 5

Combat Stike X

It is a classic 3-D FPS shooter game that I made using lua in Roblox. In this game, your mission is to eliminate all the zombies in that game and keep yourself alive!


About me

My aim is to make the world a better place!

I am Daniel Thomas a 14 year old kid. My ambition is to be the CEO of NASA. I love technology and keep my knowledge and skills in progress with advancing technological developments. I know and love coding and robotis. I code different things from games to website and apps and am willing to learn more. I am learning on how to code robots using python. I want to give my contribution to develop the future. Much Love, God Bless You !!!

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